Sunday, February 27, 2011

Last summer's garden, spring, and a moon garden

If any of you are as ready for spring as I am - these photos will give you hope!  Snow has covered our ground for so long, it seems like we'll never see the grass again.  Well, here are a few pictures to remind us that those flowers will be poking through the ground in Wisconsin in about 10 weeks.  I can't wait for a fresh load of mushroom compost to be delivered to top off my gardens.  These days I'm dreaming of the smell of thawing earth,  the rhythmic sound of my sprinkler, followed by lawnmowers humming,  and the scent of freshly cut grass.  It IS coming!

 I made the walking stones by cutting out a circle of sod and pouring in a bucketful of cement.  Then I pressed in a design with pebbles and shells, or "drew" a design in the cement with a stick.  This is a lot easier and faster than forming walking stones in a mold.  Over the years, mine have sunk a bit.  They'll need to be dug up this spring and have a little soil or gravel added underneath.
Black and Blue Salvia
 Fairy Candles (also known as Cimicifuga Racemosa, Black Cohosh, or Black Snakeroot)
 For the past two summers, we've had wrens in this little, beat up birdhouse.  They don't seem to mind that there's a hole in their roof.
 Honeysuckle vine
 Raspberry colored Bee Balm (Monarda)

My trumpet vine that took about 5 years to finally blossom - worth the wait!

And now, a couple flowers I want to add to my garden this summer . . .

I love to paint these and I would really love to grow them.  In particular, I'd like to grow the Tecolote Ranunculus.  They are known for their long, straight stems which will be great in arrangments.  They also have a long vase-life and the shades are described as "mouthwatering"!  I think these may be my new favorite flower!






And lastly, I'd like to plant a "Moon Garden" (a special garden designed to be seen at dusk and into the night, usually with all white flowers).  There's nothing like loads of white flowers glowing at dusk.  According to some sources, "night blooming flowers use their light reflecting properties and fragrance to attract insects for pollination.  They reflect the moonlight and advertise their beauty to passing moths and other insects.  Pandorus Sphinx Moths are the primary pollinators of night blooming flowers".   These moths love to hover around my Bee Balm on summer nights - they are quite large and look like hummingbirds!



The night blooming "Cereus" has been dubbed "the queen of the night" by gardeners.


White Impatients

Summer Phlox

White Althea

Put them all together and you get a

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Third Monday Trade Days in McKinney, Texas

This is an awesome monthly gathering spot in McKinney - aisle after aisle of treasures at great prices.  There were several pieces I would love to have brought home with me - if I only lived closer!  A few of the pieces will be arriving today - can't wait to get the box in the mail!
The weather was perfect!  Blue sky and about 70 degrees - a
 far cry from the weather conditions in Wisconsin!
 This would be such a fun little bench to fix up - love the 
drawer - however, it wouldn't fit in my suitcase.

Regret . . . a great old iron dishrack I didn't pick up.
Door Knob Bob and his tables full of old iron
 hinges, keys, door back plates, and hooks.
 I have a special project in mind for those door plates . . .
A beautiful antique french style lamp.
Check out those little cherubs!!!
The matching chandelier!
Hanging china rosebuds take the place of crystals.
 This vendor had all kinds of garden ornament light catchers 
made out of stacked glassware - another fun summer project.
 Another regret . . . not purchasing this book.  Years ago, when my
boys were small, we walked along a trail by this name in northern Wisconsin.

 Probably the best inspiration piece I saw!  I'll be doing 
my own version of this on an armoire this summer.

Friday, February 25, 2011

I have hit 100 followers! Thank you everyone!

The "Little Nest" painting and labeled bottle go to #15 . . .

Crystal of
Congratulations Crystal!  Your package will be in the mail this week!

Thank you to everyone for following along!

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Breakfast Room and Kitchen in McKinney

This is such a lovely old house - it even has a breakfast room.  Most of the rooms in this stately house are functional, spacious, and they are all beautiful.  The breakfast room, however, is a quaint and small room - just right for pretty little breakfast table.  Jan is relaxed and laid back about doing just about anything on these beautiful surfaces.  We used paint, permanent markers, and even stain while working on projects on the island and she didn't bat an eye.  Everything is covered with finishes that just wipe clean - any marks that don't come off, Jan refers to as "memory marks"!  People and the memories created by them are far more important to these two than "things".  It's such a relaxing place to visit!

Through the back entrance to the kitchen, you can see the 
courtyard and the garage with more guest space above.
 Yes, the orchids are real . . . I wondered the same thing!
 There is tons of storage space in this long island.  Access from
 the work side, and beautiful decorative painting all around.

All of the wood floors in the house are original, except in the kitchen.
This floor is made of reclaimed wood and blends in beautifully with the originals.
Isn't this decorative painting great?!?
 Attached to the cupboard is a chalkboard that is often filled with grandchildren's artwork. 
 The entrance to the breakfast room is marked by the beginning of original slate floors.

These are old fishing floats.

Check back soon!  I still have pictures to post of the bedrooms, bathrooms, and outside areas.



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